Grounds & Site Drainage Inspection

The condition of landscaping around your home not only adds eye appeal and value, but also provides a layer of protection too.  Landscaping can also help the energy efficiency of your home.  Well planned and implemented landscaping can provide trees for shade, shrubs to direct cooling breezes and open areas for the accumulation of winter snow.  There is a long list of benefits when the area around your home is properly landscaped, but if not maintained properly, can cause devastating damage to your home.
What We Inspect ...
  • Condition of yard, landscaping, trees and walkways.
  • Proper grading drainage away from the home.
  • Evidence of standing water.
  • Evidence of branches and/or bushes touching the home or overhanging the roof.
  • Condition of driveway, sidewalks, patios, entrance landings and pitched away from the structure.
  • Downspout drainage directed away from the structure.
  • Exterior structures (fences, sheds, retaining walls) in good condition.
  • Evidence of termite damage.
  • Condition of decks, deck railings and deck stairways.
A & K Services of Iowa - Grounds & Site Drainage Inspections