A & K Services of Iowa is committed to providing you with all of your lawn care needs.  Over-seeding your lawn will improve your lawn's appearance by increasing the thickness and density and will also enhance your lawn's ability to fight insects and diseases.
Lawn over-seeding is good for lawns that suffer from drought stress, insect or disease damage, or that show other evidences of decline, such as bare patches.  Over-seeding a lawn with newer, improved types of turf-grass is often the best way to thicken the lawn and improve its health and appearance.  The new turf-grass is better able to resist damage from drought, turf-grass diseases and lawn damaging insects.
If you think lawn over-seeding is right for you, contact A & K Services of Iowa today!  After a detailed analysis of your lawn, we can recommend a reseeding program that will improve the overall health of your lawn.
A & K Services of Iowa - Lawn Seeding Programs