Roof & Flashing Inspection

The upper-most part of your home protects the rest of the structure from damages caused by storms, heavy winds, blazing heat and frigid winter cold.  Even the strongest and most durable roof can have some weaknesses.  It is important to always check your roof after severe weather to assess possible damage before it grows into an expensive endeavor.  Some damage is difficult to determine with the untrained eye, so it is important to hire a qualified professional to determine the extent of damage and provide advice on the most appropriate means of repair.
What We Inspect ...
  • General condition, wear and tear, etc.
  • Condition of roof shingles.
  • Proper flashing (dormers, valleys, side walls, eaves and rakes).
  • Chimney condition.
  • Evidence of ice dams.
  • Evidence of moisture, mold, rot decay.
  • Proper ventilation.
  • Proper insulation (including assessing R-value).
  • Evidence of excess roofing cement, tar and/or caulk.
  • Condition of soffits and fascia.
  • Condition of gutters.
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