Electrical Receptacles

GFCI & AFCI Outlets, Switches & Controls

  • Power Receptacles

Electrical outlets are an essential part of any building.  They are used daily to provide power to the building's various devices and appliances.  It is essential that the appropriate device be used for required demand of the appliance or item needing electrical power.  When the device is installed and used properly, it can provide many years of safe, uninterrupted service for the occupants of the building.  Inappropriate installation and usage, however, can result in personal injury, loss of property or even loss of life in some circumstances.

A & K Services of Iowa has trained and experienced electrical staff that can determine what types of outlets you may need and can provide proper and safe installation for a worry-free and dependable product.  Contact us today and let our professional staff find the best solution for all your power outlet needs.  For more information about various power receptacles and their appropriate use, please visit our page All About Receptacles to learn more.

  • Switches & Controls

Like outlets, switches and controls are also a crucial part of any building.  There are many different types of switches and controls available for a variety of demands.  It is important to note that while many devices look the same or similar, they may function quite differently from each other.  Style, however, usually has no effect on the switch function.  For more information about various switch types and their functions, please visit our page All About Switches to learn more.

Whether your structure is new or old, A & K Services of Iowa is here to provide you with all options available.  Contact us today and see all our professional staff has to offer!

Electrical Switches & Controls