Mowing & Edging

A & K Services of Iowa mows to your specifications.  The options for mowing are numerous and we have what it takes to give your lawn the care it needs.
Most lawns in our area are blue grass and should be cut at 3 inches for optimal health.  This height also helps the grass fight off weed growth.  We trim all sidewalks, driveways, posts, beds and anything else that is surrounded by your lawn.  Last we sweep and blow off your sidewalks and driveways.
Mowing takes everyone longer than they would like it to.  We would like to save your time so you may better use it doing the things you enjoy.
  • No more messing around with getting gas in cans.
  • No more 2 cycle oil mixing for your weed-eater.
  • No more sweating in the summer heat.
  • No more wet grass clogs to clear.
Give us a call today and let A & K Services of Iowa take care of all your lawn's needs!
A & K Services of Iowa - Lawn Mowing and Edging