Mosquito Control

Probably the most annoying of all summer insects (at least the flying ones) is the mosquito.  It can ruin outdoor fun and pleasure in an instant.  They bite and they carry disease.  
Nobody likes receiving a bug bite due to the irritation and potential scarring, but the fact is mosquitoes are more dangerous than they seem.  Because these vermin steal blood of mammals, they also steal a number of bacterial and viral contagions that persist in the mosquitoes' bodies.  Though it can take a while for the sickness to really set in, once it does, a terrifying number of contagions can afflict victims.
Fortunately, A & K Services of Iowa is here to help you rid these toxic pests.  We offer several mosquito spraying programs to rid your yard from these pests.  Contact us today and let us find a mosquito exterminating program that is right for you.
A & K Services of Iowa - Mosquito Spraying