HVAC Systems Inspection

The HVAC (heating-ventilation and air-conditioning) is a complex system comprised of your furnace, air-conditioner and all components relating to the function of both.  The primary function of the HVAC system is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality.  When any part of the HVAC system malfunctions, it affects the other parts of the system and greatly affects comfort and efficiency.  Periodic inspections and maintenance are critical in preventing malfunctions and pre-mature system failures.
  • It is always recommended to have a qualified HVAC Contractor perform any repairs or modifications to any part of the HVAC system or related component.
What We Inspect ...
  • General condition of HVAC system and related equipment.
  • Condition of electrical connections.
  • Condition of gas connections.
  • Test thermostat calibration.
  • Condition of air filter.
  • Evaluation temperature differentiation.
  • Condition of condensate drains and drip pan.
  • Overall venting and clearances.
  • Gas pressure, leaks and piping.
A & K Services of Iowa - HVAC Inspections