Garage & Garage Door Inspections

Garages have been with us since before the automobile in the form of carriage houses.  Being for the most part glorified barns detached from the residence, other than the danger of fire from the combination of stored hay and lanterns, these early structures were relatively safe.  Unfortunately, this is not the case with today's garages, which are attached to almost 97% of all homes.
An unimaginably large number of potential hazards are present within garages attached to houses.  Homeowners have a tendency to store an assortment of dangerous materials in the form of volatile chemicals and hazardous gases.  There is also the probability of carbon monoxide (CO) and other vapor accumulation within the garage.
Consequently, the inspection process for garages involves more than just the general condition of the building, but also whether the building itself has been properly constructed.  Proper construction is exceeding critical for garages attached to home.
If you are unsure as to whether your garage or one in which is attached to a home that you may be interested in purchasing meets proper construction and safety codes, please call a qualified home inspector.
What We Inspect ...
  • Condition of garage exterior walls, siding, doors and windows.
  • Evidence of proper fire-wall separation between house and garage.
  • Condition of existing interior wall coverings, drywall, paint, etc.
  • Evidence of improper penetrations in wall between house and garage.
  • Evidence of proper fire-rated door installed between house and garage.
  • Evidence of proper fire-rated door framework between house and garage.
  • Evidence of proper fire-rated ceiling.
  • Evidence of improper ventilation between house and garage.
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