Foundation & Structural Inspections

The foundation of a structure is unquestionably the most important part of any structure.  Without a solid foundation, everything build upon it will be subject to potential failure and collapse.  It is imperative to hire a skilled and experienced contractor to inspect and diagnose foundation issues as soon as there are signs of foundation problems.
Signs of foundation and structural issues:
  • A floor that is not level.
  • Doors that jam or fail to latch.
  • Cracks in drywall - especially over doorways, windows or where walls meet ceilings.
  • Cracks in vinyl or ceramic tile flooring
What We Inspect ...
  • General foundation condition.
  • General basement floor condition.
  • Condition of the soil surrounding the home.
  • Water drainage around the home.
A & K Services of Iowa - Foundation & Structural Inspections