Exterior Inspections

New home-buyers often focus on the interior of the home and its maintenance.  Over time, they gain experience and realize the exterior of the home is equally, if not more, important to maintain.  Your home exterior keeps the structure and safety of your home intact.  It is important to regularly check aspects of the exterior and make repairs whenever they are needed.  By doing regular maintenance, you can save on having to address a larger and more costly issue later.
What We Inspect ...
  • Condition of siding (no cracking, curling, loose, rot or decay.
  • Condition of masonry (no cracks in joints, broken, spalling or flaking components.
  • Condition of stucco (no large cracks).
  • Evidence of dents, damage, bowing or loose vinyl or aluminum.
  • Evidence of tree branches and/or bushes touching surface areas.
  • Evidence of mold, mildew or growth on exterior surfaces.
  • Evidence of stains on exterior surfaces.
  • Adequate clearance between ground and wood siding materials.
  • Condition of exterior doors and windows.
  • Existence of drip ledge and caps over doors and windows.
  • Existence of window flashing where necessary.
A & K Services of Iowa - Exterior Inspections