Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Prepardness


A & K Services of Iowa believes in the importance of everyone being prepared when a disaster strikes.  When      properly prepared, you and your loved ones will have the best chance of making it through whatever occurs.

Since this is such a broad topic with numerous possibilities depending on each individual situation, we have provided what we believe are the best sources of information available regarding this topic.  This is not intended to be an absolute list, but more of a guide for the public to become better informed and better prepared.  Please visit the links provided as follows and find out the best way you can be prepared in your situation.



This is the principle site operated by the United States Government.  It contains a great wealth of information on how to be prepared based on your location, situation and budget.


This is a sub-page offered through the American Red Cross.  Like the site above, it also contains a vast amount of      information on this subject.



This is the Emergency Preparedness and Response page of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  It provides      similar information as the above sites, but also contains valuable information on medical and disease issues during      emergencies.


This is a page within the National Fire Protection Association.  It contains a link to a downloadable form which      organizations may use to identify where they might want to focus emergency preparedness efforts.


This is the emergency preparedness page for the National Safety Council.  It contains an enormous amount of information on this subject.