Custom Design & Build Services


As with all construction projects, electrical projects can also be overwhelmingly extensive and extremely complex in nature.  Have you recently added or remodeled a space in your home or office?  Are you frequently resetting breakers or replacing fuses due to overloading?  Have you noticed moisture or rust on or around your existing electrical panels?  The answer to these questions usually involves a complex solution that is better left for those with professional training and experience.  Electricity is inherently dangerous and the slightest mistake could equate property damage, personal injury or even death.  


A & K Services of Iowa has the training, knowledge and expertise to design and build an electrical system that is    appropriate for each client situation.  From simple repairs to complete system replacement, we can find a safe, affordable solution to fill your electrical needs without sacrificing quality and performance.


Contact us today and let us guide you to the path of electrical safety and dependability!