Attic & Ventilation Inspections

Although attics are rarely on a homeowner's or potential home buyer's mind, there are many good reasons why attics should be inspected.  An attic reflects the history of a home.  It can provide clues to serious problems and underlying issues that may be unknown to the current homeowner.
Some inspectors will perform an attic inspection as part of a roof inspection or vice versa.  The two areas are directly related to one another and an underlying or even an obvious problem with one may indicate an issue with the other.
It is also important to note that attic inspections can be inherently dangerous.  Attics are dark, dirty places with insulation masking problems such as exposed wiring and faulty rafters.  There is always a possibility of falling through and great care and caution should be taken for anyone exploring these areas.  It is highly recommended to leave these inspections to professionals who do them regularly and have proper training to do so.
What We Inspect ...
  • General condition of attic or crawlspace.
  • Evidence of sufficient insulation.
  • Evidence of properly installed insulation.
  • Evidence of moisture barrier installed where required.
  • Evidence of adequate ventilation.
  • Evidence of improper plumbing, exhaust or appliance vents terminating in attic.
  • Evidence of improper open electrical connections.
  • Evidence of decay, rot, mold, mildew or damage to structure.
  • Evidence of stains on underside of roofing.
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