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  • Appliance, Hot-Tub & Pool Wiring

Purchasing a new appliance, hot-tub or pool can be an overwhelming experience.  You likely will have numerous questions and possibly even a few concerns.  You may ask "What cord do I need?", "Can I use the existing circuit and outlet from my old unit?", and probably many others.

There are dozens of code requirements and restrictions when installing any appliance - especially those that are in direct contact with water.  When in doubt, it is best to let experts in these situations assist you with your unit.  A & K Services of Iowa is always available when you need us.  Whether your unit is in need of something as simple as a cord installation, or as complicated as a brand new circuit and panel, we are here to help.  We offer prompt, professional service at a reasonable price to fit your budget.  Contact us today and let us get your new unit going!


  • Appliance Repair

Tackling an appliance repair by yourself can be an intimidating  ordeal.  From washers and dryers to refrigerators and stoves, A & K Services of Iowa is here to help.  We offer a prompt turn-around time at a reasonable rate. 

Contact us today and let us get you up and running again!