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  • Generators

Many get their first introduction to generators when they experience a disaster such as a storm event.  Severe storms are on the rise.  When these storms are met with our outdated and vulnerable electrical power infrastructure, the result is often widespread power outages.  Many outages only last for a few hours, and although these types of outages are annoying and inconvenient, they rarely are life-threatening.  With our changing weather patterns and the increase of storm severity, we are experiencing a greater number of outages that are lasting for days or even weeks.  In the severest of cases, some outages may even last for many months.  No reasonable person would ever argue that these outages are not only life-changing, but also highly life-threatening.



There are many ways to be prepared when disaster strikes.  One of those ways is having back-up electrical power in place before it happens.  Preparing in advance is the key to keeping you and your loved ones safe and comfortable while you ride out the storm and clean up the damages afterward.

A back-up generator is your best chance at providing the power needed when disaster strikes.  There are numerous models available to fit a complete array of needs.  A & K Services of Iowa is the generator expert.  We can provide the professional design, installation and service you need when choosing a back-up generator.  Generators are affordable for most consumers and we can determine what is appropriate for your structure, location and budget.

Contact us today and let us help you be prepared when disaster strikes.  For more information regarding disaster

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  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

With the ever growing market of affordable electric vehicles, the need of convenient and reliable charging solutions has notably increased as well.

Given the increased range of the newest generation of electric      vehicles, the amount of time these vehicles require to be charged has also went up exponentially.  So when does it make financial sense for an owner to get a high-speed at-home charger installed?  Although, the price of an EV charger has, and continues to decrease, they are still relatively expensive.  The key is to choose a unit based on your real needs and budget.

A & K Services of Iowa has experts available to help determine    what type of charging unit best fits your circumstances and to      provide professional installation when you are ready to buy.       Contact us today and let us take the confusion out of EV charging!

Vehicle Charging Systems


  • Solar Energy

Homes and businesses across the country are transitioning away from a fossil-fueled electricity grid towards a clean energy economy.  Due to installation costs of solar decreasing by more than 70 percent since 2008, solar purchases are increasing at a remarkable rate.  There is no question that solar energy has become a sensible home upgrade that millions of home owners are doing.

A & K Services of Iowa is here to help those wishing to lower their energy consumption by transitioning to solar energy.

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Solar Energy